Poster Prizes

The IASIM objective is to foster the exchange of ideas, information and science across an enormous number of fields employing hyperspectral imaging. The number of hyperspectral imaging applications is growing and images are an important vehicle for quickly disseminating a large quantity of information, and IASIM 2018 will include a wide variety of experience and metaphors for presenting image-based information. We encourage participation in the poster session(s) and challenge problem that highlight your research, foster discussion, cross-disciplinary interaction and exchange of ideas.

Best Image on a Poster
For the first time ever, IASIM will be judging “Best Image on a Poster”. The objective is to foster the exchange of ideas on the presentation of scientifically relevant image-based information. The award will be based on creativity, scientific content and esthetics. In the interest of scientific integrity, posters must a) provide the data used to construct the image, and b) include information on how the image was constructed. The winner will make the cover for the Journal of Spectral Images special issue for the IASIM 2018 meeting and receive a certificate from the IASIM 2018 Organizing Committee.
From, “Photoshopping the Universe by TA Rector,” K Arcand and M. Watzke, American Scientist, 105(1) 46-50, Jan-Feb, 2017.
The principles we follow produce an image that is scientifically valid and show real objects in space as seen by our telescopes. But there is a subjective, creative element as well to producing images. Although many scientists are reluctant to think of themselves as artists, there is nonetheless some artistry involved in making an appealing astronomical image.

Best Poster
In addition to “Best Image on a Poster” a prize will be given for “Best Poster”. Posters will be judged overall on scientific content, approach to solving the stated objective and effective communication of concepts and results. The winner will receive a prize and receive a certificate from the IASIM 2018 Organizing Committee.

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